Attention nonprofit marketers!

>> Is your nonprofit organization struggling to use social media effectively?

>> Do you find yourself gazing at big corporate brands' social media accounts and daydreaming about what it would be like if your organization had that much engagement online? What that would MEAN for your fundraising reports!

>> Does your marketing team (or person) have too much on their plate? Social media is totally an after thought at [INSERT NAME OF ORG HERE]!

>> Are you having trouble figuring out how to develop a consistent, meaningful presence on social media?

You're not alone!


Only 35% of nonprofit organizations think they're effective at content marketing.

Many nonprofit organizations have difficulty marketing their services and programs online. The organizations that are top performers have invested a lot of time and energy into content marketing.

What do we mean by content marketing? Storytelling using digital media such as social networking sites, blogs, email marketing, and other website assets.


Now 'fess up...

Does your nonprofit fall into the OTHER 65%?

We get it. We've been there. 

I started my career as an Advancement professional in higher ed, right around the time that social media started being a ‘thing’ for businesses and brands. Ever since then, I’ve been exploring and testing ways that nonprofit organizations can adopt the same marketing tactics big brands use so they can ROCK it on social media.
— Laurie de Fleuriot

What we do

We help nonprofits get their systems in place

We are tech obsessed type-A personalities, dedicated to helping our clients get organized so they can save time and manage your social media efforts in a strategic way. Stop treating social media as an after thought. Set up a system that ensures you and your team will always know what to post next.

We've been helping businesses and nonprofit organizations get their social media affairs in order for 6+ years and now we want to help YOU!

We take pride in teaching you

All of the information you find on our blog and on our social media accounts is free to you. We work hard to curate only the most valuable resources that apply to you and your nonprofit.

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Need help making social media work for you?

Take control of your organization's social media presence

We can work with you on small-scale projects, like setting up and optimizing your new Facebook Fan Page, or large-scale projects like developing an enterprise level content strategy - and everything in between!

We know most nonprofits don't have the luxury of hiring experienced marketers on as full-time staff. Consider us your marketers-on-call - for all those times you wish you had an expert in residence. 

We'll work with you closely to settle on a solution that is customized to your organization's unique needs and audience.

You're going to want to contact us if...

Or you need help with:

  • editorial calendar creation
  • profile set-up and optimization
  • storytelling
  • ongoing social media account management

You want to:

  • streamline workflow systems to optimize digital marketing efforts
  • set up social media automation (in a non-spammy way)
  • learn a better way to manage social media with your existing resources

Want us to come in and train your staff? We can do that too!


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