6 Essential Qualities Every Social Media Team Needs

Over the years managing a social media team at my organization, I’ve learned some important lessons about which qualities and characteristics are important for the team to run well.

In my own personal case, some of these 'essential qualities' are ones that I cover in my role as the team leader and others are qualities that I look for when hiring staff to round out my team.

Here are the essential qualities I think every social media team should have to be successful (in no specific order):

The Visionary

This is someone who has a clear vision for what the future looks like for the organization's social media program. They are able to see it in vivid detail and communicate that vision back to the rest of the team, often becoming a driving force that steers and directs the team towards that vision.

TIP: How to spot one - visionaries love to imagine the possibilities of the future and are often persuasive communicators. Visionaries tend to be goal-oriented and are easily able to keep their sights on what is to come.

The Strategist

This is someone who is easily able to map out a few different approaches to help them achieve an end result. This person is able to consider the end goal and assess various pathways that may get them to the goal, analyzing challenges and needs along the way.

TIP: How to spot one - strategists often like puzzles, riddles, and problem solving. Strategists like to test theories, experiment, and discover new pathways to their new end goal.

The Analyst

This is someone who can tie your team's strategy together with the numbers and results. This person is able to interpret the metrics and numbers to determine whether the team is on the right track towards their end goals.

TIP: How to spot one - analysts are statistics and numbers driven people. Analysts can keep your team on track by calculating and watching the numbers, ensuring everyone has the performance metrics they need in order to stay motivated and moving in the right direction together.

The Trend-spotter

This is someone who loves to be in-the-know about the latest trends, memes, and hot topics online. This person uses their knowledge of internet trends to bring freshness and new ideas to your team's social content.

TIP: How to spot one - trend-spotters are excited to stay ‘up’ on the newest features of social media platforms and love to get inspiration from accounts they follow to their organization’s own feeds.

The Executor

This is someone who is excellent at taking the plan and getting that sh*t done. This person doesn't get stuck in their head about creating content, but simply moves forward and puts things into motion; they are great at pushing aside the second-guessing mindset and simply executing.

TIP: How to spot one - executors are the doers on your team. Executors love to take the action plan and follow it through by putting those plans into motion.

The Conversationalist

This is someone who is passionate about using social media to be exactly that - social. This person loves striking up conversations with audience members and engaging them in meaningful ways, developing relationships and creating connections.

TIP: How to spot one - conversationalists are in it for the connections. Conversationalists love that social media allows them to build relationships so easily and love to find new ways to engage with their audience.

This doesn’t mean that your social media team should have six people! One person can hold more than one of the roles described above. For example, I find myself preferring to occupy the roles of the Visionary, the Strategist and the Analyst with my team.

Do you know which role (or roles) you hold on your organization's social media team?


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