GoPro: The #1 Tool Every Small Business Marketer Needs in Their Arsenal

I've been seeing beautiful GoPro footage everywhere (like this beaut from their Insty feed)

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GoPro has totally blown up the video production industry, putting power back in the hands of the individual by offering top-quality video recording at affordable prices. They're continuing to revolutionize the space by enabling creators to license their content to brands and advertisers. GoPro has been on my 'companies to watch' list ever since they teamed up with RedBull to drop Felix Baumgartner from space. They have a genius team of marketers on board and have really nailed the concept of user-generated content. 

It's also widely recognized that video marketing is of growing importance these days. In fact, Forbes talked about video in FOUR of their 5 Visual Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016. That means GoPro is in an awesome market position to help small businesses ramp up their marketing efforts. The GoPro camera really provides a way for entrepreneurs to DIY their video marketing (that doesn't LOOK like they DIY'd their video marketing). The worksheet here is a great starting point:

Download the video planning worksheet

Download this quick GoPro worksheet that can help you plan your business' next video.

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It's actually been on our wish list for awhile to grab one of these awesome cameras up. We finally went for it last month - I am super excited! It was basically the highlight of my holiday season, you don't even know. I've been playing around with it for weeks; taking it on our holiday trips and playing around with the editing software. Maybe I'll even write a tutorial post about it down the road.

Using GoPro For Business

We're a small shop; it's just the two of us. We simply don't have the resources like other big brands to produce television quality clips. Investing in a GoPro has allowed us to venture into video marketing in a new and exciting way.

Unfortunately, we were stuck for creative ideas to showcase our business so we set out on a deep dive Google search (and I mean real deep - there are not a lot of people writing about GoPro marketing for small biz).

Here are some of the best examples I've found so far:

1) Showcasing your product

It can be very powerful to show your audience the features and functionality of your product before they buy. This tactic works especially well when your product cost is high. 

  • Film footage that shows how your product looks in action. This guy used his GoPro when setting out to sell his 1968 Chevy Camaro.
  • Develop simple how-to videos that walk your customer through the set-up process. Juan Ramirez is a young skateboarder that walks his audience through the process of setting up a new deck.

For customers who are particularly concerned about the quality of a product and want an inside look at the production process or your facilities, let a GoPro close the sale.

  • Show off the manufacturing process. Mixer Direct, out of Louisville, KY, uses a GoPro to capture the entire manufacturing process of one of its mixing tanks.
  • You could also film a virtual tour of your facilities to show where your product comes from. This guy strapped a camera to his shopping cart to give a tour of his local IKEA store.

GoPro cameras are durable, compact, and waterproof. Toss them around a little, rough'm up, and give your audience something really cool to watch. Their small size makes them ideal little cams to film the harder-to-reach spots in your products too.

  • Have you ever wondered what happens inside your washing machine? This clip captures the handwash cycle of a Miele machine. 
  • Beverage manufacturers can have some fun by throwing a camera in the bottom of a glass and capturing a refreshing drink.

2) Giving a new perspective on your service

If you don't have a product to sell, you might think that it will be harder for you to use a GoPro in your biz. It's really not! Services providers can showcase any number of different, interesting aspects of your offering.

  • Dog walkers could surprise and delight their clients by filming short clips of their furry friends' day.
  • Ask a few of your past clients or customers to provide positive testimonials about your service. Videos of happy clients act as a form of peer review - a very powerful form of persuasion.

GoPro cameras can be mounted to almost any surface, giving you tons of versatility in the types of things you can film. I love watching time-lapse videos showing behind-the-scenes footage of some of my favourite places.

  • If you run a storefront or another business with a physical location, it would be fun to stick a camera up in the corner and film a typical day. Here are some cool examples:

The small size of these cameras also give you the ability insert them into regular business activities, giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what you do.

  • You could film a perspective video of employees using industry-specific equipment, like this construction worker to attached a camera to his excavator.
  • Consider strapping a camera to one of your workers & record a "day in the life". This guy filmed his day working at a real estate office to inject a little fun into his day.

3) Highlighting cool things your company does

Your business does cool shit. You want to share this stuff with your audience! Seriously, you can use video to #humblebrag or full on brag about your business' achievements and culture.

  • Is your biz winning awards? Capture it on camera. I couldn't find an example of anyone doing this, but I did find this clip of Tim Lyons wearing a GoPro to his graduation (close enough).
  • The staff at GoPro have made a great product, but they also have a ton of fun at their office. If your business hosts fun events like this, capture it and share your culture with your audience.

You might also have some special news to share with your audience. Use video to capture the news and add it to a company highlight reel.

  • You're opening a new location or moving offices. This clip captures an office renovation - the coolest footage of cubicles I've ever seen.
  • You can also capture special guests on video, like this edgy auto mechanic shop that invited a chef in for their daily broadcast show.

Do you offer fun perks for your employees? There's huge opportunity to share their experiences with your audience to recruit new top talent to your business.

  • If you send employees to industry conferences, you may want to consider giving them a GoPro. Wistia gave their staff some cameras when they went to UserConf SF and this is what they came up with.
  • Capture your team outings and team building events to show off your fun side.

I am so filled with inspiration after finding all these cool GoPro ideas. I hope you are too! Have I convinced you to go out and invest in a GoPro yet? If you're planning on grabbing one or think you're about 50% into the idea and need just one more small nudge, download this quick GoPro guide that can help you plan your business' next video.

Download the video planning worksheet

Download this quick GoPro worksheet that can help you plan your business' next video.

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Do you have other ideas for using a GoPro to market your small business? I'd love to hear them! Comment below or tweet us at @LdeFleuriot.

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